Let us set up arcade games and/or redemption* equipment at your place of business.  There is no cost to your business, and in some cases, your venue may receive a percentage of the sales from these machines!  We work with you to pick out the best games for your clientele.



We can help liven up your special event by providing arcade games and

redemption equipment for guests of all different ages.

*Redemption games are arcade games of skill that reward the player proportionally to their score in the game.

Our games are guaranteed to make your event memorable!

Got an upcoming Corporate, College, or Family Gathering?

Wilson's Amusements is the leader of video arcade game rentals in northern Vermont.  Whether you need a game for a party, corporate event, employee break room, trade show,

or a big family gathering, adding our games to your event is sure to liven up the party. 

Ranging from retro to the most recent, so you're sure to find something to please everyone.


Our inventory is packed with over 500 amusement machines, including video games, pin balls, pool tables, jukeboxes, and price redemption games.

Our games are located in

four (4) prominent ski areas

in northern Vermont, in

many resorts, hotels,

restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, taverns, and campgrounds around central and northern Vermont.

Our games are also

available for private

parties and public


Interested in getting

some of our games for

your event? Click here!

We have over 150 snack, candy, and beverage vending machines in many venues throughout the state, including five (5) major ski areas, factories, businesses, hospitals, banks, municipal buildings, country clubs, and laundromats.



Our associated company, ATM Advantage, also supplies and services ATM machines at both permanent venues and one-time events.


Need one for your business? Give us a call!


Wilson's Amusements - Your best source for family entertainment in northern Vermont!

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